Sleepwalker at Omni Expo 2015 - Orlando, FL!!

Sleepwalker Wakes up the Omni Expo Geeks!!

Orlando, FL - May 22, 2015


The cast and crew of our fan film, Sleepwalker, emerged at the Omni Expo last weekend. Not a waking moment passed that we weren't hitting the stage, the expo floor, a panel, or even stopping to chat with the amazing folks at True Geek Radio (TGR)! (


As soon as we arrived at 10:30am, we went straight to the main stage to rehearse a presentation we were to put on. After a solid 10 MINUTE rehearsal!!, it was time to clear the stage for the other acts. As our actors got into costume backstage, we ran through some dialogue and the next thing you know, time was up. We hit the stage with some martial arts, lighting effects and a dash of Phil Collins.


Next, it was on to chat with TGR. These guys are awesome! If you're looking for a fun podcast about all that is Geekdom, look no further. After yukkin' it up with the Geeks it was on to the floor to hang out with the suit - and by suits, I mean Cheetara, Deadpool, and giant-balloon-Titan suits. 


Starting to feel sorry for Sleepwalker himself, Christopher Cutillo, in our 30+ pound costume made of lycra and hemp (HOT!), we decided to let him cool down by throwing on a good ol' t-shirt and jeans and heading upstairs to where our panel was to be held.


We started the panel at 7:00pm with an audience that included the likes of Desmond Miles from Assassin's Creed, some princesses and an ex-Navyman in a sweet Pokemon apron. (don't ask, I don't know). Anyways, that was great fun shooting the bull and showing some of our behind-the-scenes production from the film. We gave out some posters, some t-shirts and a couple of extras spots in the film.


All in all, an awesome time was had by us Sleepyheads and everyone we met at Omni Expo 2015! Hope to see these guys again next year!


Check out the film at


- Dream Team


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